Just back for a bit.

Ok – we had some time off from the build. And it was wonderful. We celebrated Mardi Gras and then got to escape up to North Queensland for some rest of relaxation.

Whilst we were up in Cairns, we visited a fellow Schionning boat builder, who is also building a Growler. It was wonderful to see the progress and to hear their experience of the boat build. One thing that resonated strongly was their desire to FINISH the build!

This weekend, we are back on track. Focusing on internals and finishing the bridgedeck, so it is ready for high build. We think we have secured a painter to finish the hull, and paint, which is an enormous relief.

I busied myself with the plumbing. We now have a working cold water system, that is ready for its first pressure next (the glue needs to cure for 24 hours). Dad worked on prepping the shower for plumbing. Meanwhile Brad and Julia continued to fair the bridgedeck. We scrapped a bridgedeck stiffener, and made a new one. And the new one looks great!

So, why are we back for a bit? I have to go to San Francisco for work for a week. So the build is being put on hold whilst the project manager is away.

Now for the pics!

Here is dad, peeling back the peelply on the bridgedeck stiffener. We made a mould using plastic. And made it out of 6 layers of glass.

Here is a pic of the water pump. Ok, it still looks a mess. But we are ready for a water test next time.

Julia, always happy to work under the boat. She has been such a great help with the project.

Brad, busily fitting and fairing the next bridgedeck stiffener. That’s the bit that “looks wet”.

Last pic, is dad, putting together bits and pieces in the bathroom. We need to bulk out the wall to allow for pipes and other pieces.

So, we are only back for a bit, because we have next weekend off. And then back for 4 days straight over the Easter holidays.


Sleeping on the job

It’s been weeks, and weeks, of fairing. There is no dressing it up, it is a shit job.

But I think that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Part of the reason is that we have had some additional help – Julia and Aubury have each been helping one day a week.

It is tough boat building on weekends. We both have full time jobs, gym workouts, and then weekend boat building. Sometimes it gets too much. In fact, last weekend, Brad fell asleep under the boat whilst helping me check something with the laser level.

Ok. So just a few pics. Here is the rear deck. Lots of patch fills. We took advantage of the cooler weather and worked on bringing the back deck up to a point where it could be ready for paint.

And here is the pic of Brad, sleeping on the job!

Avocado smoothie

This weekend, we pushed ahead with sealing, sanding, and high building. The problem is that we ordered high build in grey, and grey-green or “avocado smoothie” arrived instead. But that’s ok, because we paint over it, so the colour doesn’t really matter.

We also had an extra helper this weekend. Dominic graced us with his presence, and as it turned out, his petit size was a huge advantage.

And here are some photos of him busily painting and sanding, at once. A skill I haven’t quite managed myself.

Now, down to business. We spent the weekended prepping for high build. And here are the results.

Here is an action shot, of Brad who is mid way through painting on the high build.


Step by step

2018 is shaping up to be a big year. This last week, we have made great strides to removing the front wall of the factory. It needs to be removed to get the boat out. AND this week, we successfully installed our anchor winch.

Let’s start with the wall. The boat was built in the factory, piece by piece. However, the factory has a brick pillion in the middle of the wall, which prevents us from taking out the boat. Last weekend, dad started removing the bricks. Chance would have it that a neighbour is a builder. And he suggested installing a concrete beam to stop the factory walls collapsing on each other. So over the course of the week, the concrete beam was installed.

After much work, here is the result.

This weekend, Brad and Julia were busy finishing off the underside of the boat. It is a horrible job, as you are working with fairing compound upside down. But after much effort and lots of mess, they finished the inside walls, which we high built.

It was all hands on deck this weekend. Dad was charged with filling the small holes that showed up after high building. Although it took him a while to get on the job, he eventually found his mojo.

Last but not least. After months of work, the anchor is installed. And the anchor winch works a treat. We opted for a complicated under deck mount, to keep the deck clear of clutter. And we opted for a drum winch, so that all the machinery is hidden under the deck. It has taken lots of work, but we are thrilled that it has all come together.

Here is a video of the anchor dropping.

And here is a video of the anchor being wound back up

And here is a photo of the rope, chain, and Bowsprit before it was all installed


2018 – is it launch year?

With the beginning of a new year, I find myself reflecting back on the build and considering when the boat will be launched.Having started the build in June 2015, we are starting to forget some of details of when we first started. So with my best rose coloured glasses, I look back over 2017 and acknowledge that it was busy year on the build. It’s been wonderful to set the boat move along, like seeing lights installed, finishing the furniture, and starting the upholstery. But what stands out over 2017 is the work put into fairing. Fairing involves applying a paste, sanding it back, and repeating, and repeating, and repeating. The goal is to get the boat smooth and ready for painting. So for the prospective boat builders out there, may advice is to get help with fairing. Lots and lots of help. It’s hard and unrewarding work.

Looking forward, the question we are all asking is if 2018 is the year of the launch. Fingers crossed that it is – as we having a wedding to plan in 2019!

Over Christmas break, we worked hard to push the boat further along. We sanded and faired, and sanded and faired, and sanded and faired. The goal was to have the hull high built by New Years and we got there.

Here is a photo of the sanding team that worked tirelessly to get the hull high built. It still needs more work. But this is just the first of several coats.

So let’s start with some fairing pictures.

Part of the process is to seal up the hull, which we did. But by scraping off the excess resin and keeping the additional weight to a minimum.

And it is incredible to think that we are down to our last bag of bog!

And here are some pics of the boat high built

Meanwhile, I was busting building the engine pods.

And then Brad finished work, and high built the front.

Meanwhile dad was busy getting the upholstery sorted. The recessed lights look great.

And the final job was to high build the flybridge panels. To speed up installation, Brad and Julia have been sealing, fairing, and high building the flybridge panels. So when they are installed, we have some of the work already completed.


First steps (on the flybridge)

We have started to do some prep work on the flybridge. Last weekend, Brad and Julia got the panels in order. And started technifilling some edges. This weekend (which was short) they prep sanded and started fairing the panels.

After putting in a late night shift, working till 11:30 at night, brad and I sealed up the panels. And I used our new high build to do a first layer of high build. The panels come up beautifully. So that’s going to be the next chunk of work.

Meanwhile, I also started working with dad to install an angled section on the transom in prep for the motors.

Let’s start with pics of fairing the panels.

And then they were sealed with epoxy

And then high built

And evidence of the late night finish!

Lastly, just a construction pic of the angled section for the transom. We are using top quality marine ply. Which will be reinforced with fibreglass. These are double thickness pieces cut into triangles.


It’s been a while

A few people have been asking when the next blog update will be posted?

We have been working, just busy sanding and fairing. And unfortunately that doesn’t make for interesting photos.

This weekend, I had my head in the bowels of the boat wiring up lights, and fixing up odds jobs. Meanwhile, Brad was busy preparing the flybridge panels.

Here is a pic of brad coming out the Duflex panel and then filling it with technifil.

Meanwhile, I was installing supports in the anchor well

And here is a sneaky pic of the anchor winch