More work on the hull

This weekend, we had a little victory. You see, we had a little problem. We couldn’t work out how to get the bow of the boat to attach to the MDF frames. Nothing lined up, so last week, in tiredness and frustration we decided to move on.

Fresh with new ideas, we had another crack at it. And it didn’t work. Dad suggested a complex system of ropes and pulleys, but I managed a more simplified approach of placing some clamps in strategic places. And hey presto, we have a hull. 

Here are some pics of the hull clamped into shape. We have to release them, and the.n reset them. Once they have been in that shape for a week or two, they should “take” the shape of the hull. 

Check out the painfully delicious chamber panel (the one that twists). 

We also started cutting out the doors. In fact, all bar one, they are all done. The spacing of placement of each door has been certified by Ian Smith. Reinforcing completed. After they have been sanded, I will post a few photos. 



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