Hull 2 started

It feels like every weekend is a big weekend. But this one was another. First we began by packing away the cabin top/rooftop from last weekend. Then we put up the frame for the second hull. But not only is it up, but it is reinforced and ready to go!

Let’s start by putting the cabin top away. It is being stored in the roof because it is too big to store anywhere else.

Dads forklift was invaluable – again. It did most of the lifting.

And then the cabin was lashed to the roof.

Now it’s time to start the hull. First lets do the strongback. Again.

Dads factory had quite a lean. So lots of additional pieces were required to make the strongback level.

With a few frames up, let’s proceed to the next step.

Frames are up. But not really straight or level. It is time to bring out the laser level which is worth its weight in gold. Even though dad kicked it out of alignment about 5 times. We reset it and made the frames straight and level.

Reinforcements done. It’s time to time a few side by side photos. We are lucky in that we choose to have a second set of frames cut – so we don’t need to reuse the frames twice. Phew. That would be a nightmare!

Reinforcements done. How do the two hulls look next to each other?

Yes – it is full of dads rubbish. But there you have it. Two hulls!!


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