Hull 2 planked. Hull 1 joined.

We began by putting the pieces for hull 2 on the frames. There are about 9 different pieces. It was quite exciting to have two hulls in the factory. No photos – I didn’t think about it. Sorry! But it was interesting to see the two side by side and to see the work completed between the two hulls. 

Now, hull 1. As mentioned, each hull is comprised of different pieces. We have been pushing and pulling them into shape. This weekend, it was time to begin the join them together. To do this we mix up a concoction of epoxy resin and powder, which forms bog. 

The bog is used the join the panels, and the we cover the join with fibreglass. And that was the bulk of this weekends work. We bogged together two of the most twisted panels, and then bogged the spray rails together. 

Once the bog has set, we sanded back the surfaced and started reinforcing with fibreglass. Pics are below.

Here are some pics of brad rerinforcing the spray rails:

 Here is the pic of the front of the boat looking down to the back.  

For collision protection, we have added Kevlar tape. The yellow bit is the Kevlar.  
And here is the finished product, with dad and Brad putting some fibreglass over the Kevlar tape. 



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