40 hours in a weekend

Boat building is lots of fun. You get to see what you have created. But it is also a huge drain on your time and energy. This weekend, the efforts of myself, Brad and dad amounted to a combined of 40 more work on the boat. And that doesn’t include mum making breakfast, snacks and dinner to keep us going. 

Saturday was spent glassing in the bow section internal spray rails, reinforcing the current joints in a bedroom, and making a bridgedeck stiffener. Pics below. 

But let’s start with a pic of my nephew testing out the lounge. He was the first to sit on it.

This is the bedroom kerf joints that needed reinforcement.

This is the production of a stiffener for the bridgedeck.

And then we glassed in some of the seats to stiffen the bridgedeck. Did it work?

Well, kinda. It made things better. But we still have some more work to do. 

Sunday, we were straight back to it. We installed the bedroom floor on our side of the boat, and fitted the stairs on dads side. The plans came with two stairs. But they were spaced too far apart, so we remade them with a shorter space. 

 Then we got my nephew to fish out the pieces for the lounge. His reward? He was the first to sit on the lounge!


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