Four days in a weekend

It was the June long weekend this weekend. But I took an extra day off to really move things along.

Day 1 was spent filling holes. Part of the production process is screwing and gluing stuff together. So I mixed up some bog, grabbed a few syringes, and started filling the holes. It was a fairly painless but rewarding process. Then I fit the remaining section of the bridgedeck stiffener. It made a huge difference, and we were thrilled with the result. 

Day 2. Brad was sick and resting up. But dad worked the full day with me. We managed to tidy up lots of little jobs. We finished fibreglassing the internal hull. It was a job that had been put off for months, so was glad it was done. We also glassed together a rear seat. And finished off the rear profile of the boat which had also been unfinished since we snapped the panel.

Day 3. Brad was back. Dad was working with us again. We added a stiffener to the hull which doubles as conduit for electrics. We also started on smaller bridgedeck stiffeners to take out the last bit of flex. 

Day 4. We glassed in the deck. It had been attached with bog and glassed internally. But we waited for the right time to glass it in. It was done after lots of prep work, using Kinetix. We also sealed up some panels. 

Flushed with success, it was snack time!


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