Feeling hot hot hot

Summer is nearly here. Outside, it was 30 degrees. But in the factory, it got to 36.2.

This weekend, we started to prepare to fit the port side deck. But when we opened up the deck, it became apparent how much work we had to do. 

We started by fitting the false floor to the rear deck area. This cleans up the bilges, and reinforces the hull. Next we filled and sealed the port side fuel tank area. Then we reinforced the bulkhead in the same area. None of it looks very important but is all very necessary. 

Saturday afternoon, we started fairing bows. I don’t have any photos, but they have started to look great. Sunday, we proceeded with some more deck work, and put a deck step in.

Let’s start with the temperature. It was hot!

Here is a pic of the false floor. It was a fair bit of work, but is another step bringing the boat to a finish. 

Here is the reinforcement of the bulkhead.

And more reinfircement of the deck bulkhead.

Meanwhile, both boys were busy working. 

Brad is kerfing a seat.

And dad, drilling out an access hole for a step.

And here is the last step, on the starboard deck, installed. A great place for ropes.


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