Holy heck, we built a deck

We finished the deck!! After months of work, the fuel tanks are in, and the deck is done. It was a great feeling to be able to walk from one side to the other side. We also finished off our ice box, and started on the main bathroom. 

Before putting the fuel tank in, we need to put a protective mat on the floor. Here is Brad demonstrating the mat.

Here is a pic of me, standing next to the fuel tank. Soon to be forever tombed under the deck. 

After lots of work, the port deck is finally in.

Sunday, we were back on the build. Brad proceeded with Installing the steps.

Meanwhile, I started working in the bathroom.

We managed to fair out the bows a bit more. They are starting to look great.

We have also started tinting resin. We had a try with white, and it wasn’t that successful. Now we trying blue. It turned out well. But was even better when I mixed the white and blue. 

Here is the result. Our nice ice box – and it fits a bottle of Chandon. 

We finished the day with a great platter. Thanks mum!


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