Let the fairing begin

This weekend, the boat began its transition to the next phase – fairing. So, what is fairing? It is an epoxy based compound that is applied to the panels, which when sanded, presents a smooth surface …. ready for primer and paint. 

So what did we accomplish this weekend? We sealed up the back deck, and did the first round of fairing. We installed the floors in the two rear service areas. And we glassed in the galley. Another huge weekend!

Tools out and we are ready for the job.

Here is the rear sanded, and seats sealed up with epoxy

We also managed to install the floors in the service areas. Not exciting or glamorous, but necessary. We also started to mark out the drains for the main bathroom.

So. Fairing compound. It is a awful job to mix it up – unless you have an old Kenwood mix-master.

Next, it is all hands on deck. Safety gear out. It’s time to sand.

I started sanding the rear deck. It is looking great and all those lumps and bumps are disappearing.

Meanwhile, Brad was putting in the galley. Another big step.


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