Mullion milestone

The mullions are in! What? What is a mullion?? It is a a bar that sports a window.

And that has been occupy of thoughts for weeks. This weekend, we put them in. 

Saturday, we started sanding. Our new helper Steve, busied himself with abraiding the bridgedeck. Then we went under the boat and started fairing. Nothing major, just a little effort to take out some lumps and bumps. 

Meanwhile, Brad was busy getting the mullions ready. Saturday afternoon, we installed two more. Sunday, after much cutting, testing, sanding, we put the last two in. Oh and managed to squeeze in two storage areas. 

Here are the pics!

First is brad. He had to cut the mullions and add in some extra pieces, quelle horreur!

Connor also came on board to help dad mark out the cupboards

Here are some pics of the middle mullions, installed.

Next, and after lots of reworking, we installed the forward mullions. Here are the pics of the rework and installation.

Meanwhile, dad started knocking up a mock template of the new cupboards

Meanwhile, I was patch filling a dip in the rear deck. Ok, it doesn’t look pretty now. But after a few weeks of work, it will come up so beautiful. 


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